Let’s Thrive, Not Just Survive

Are you ready to live in the peace that passes all understanding? Are you ready to stop living in Survival Mode?

Our survival instinct is good, it gets us through trauma. However, we were never designed to live by our survival responses. They’re meant to be temporary. That adrenaline rush can save us at the right time, but it is detrimental to our health if it becomes a lifestyle of living in anxiety. We can take authority over our thoughts and change the chemical response in our body.

Speak life! Like this— “The peace of God rules and reigns in my heart, mind, emotions and body. I think on those things that are good, Godly, praiseworthy, true & of a good report. I think clearly, confusion is far from my thought processes.”

Then think on those peaceful thoughts. Personally, I have regular scenarios that I think about and meditate on that line up with who God says I am. You can practice His presence in any situation and any circumstance, if you’ll practice stepping into His peace and remembering His word.

You, Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.  (Isaiah 26:3 GNT)

I like the Passion Translation for this verse.

Perfect, absolute peace surrounds those whose imaginations are consumed with you.  (Isaiah 26:3 TPT)

Our imaginations can be a tool to work for us, or against us. You choose what to think and to meditate on. Like any muscle, it takes practice and proficiency with use.  Build up the habit of focusing on the Lord and His purpose in your life. Imagine things going well and in your favor, instead of seeing a negative outcome (that’s called worry). See yourself doing what He has called you to do. See His purpose in the eye of your understanding, talk about it & then you will experience it in the natural. Glory to God!

I use my imagination to see myself in Jesus’ comforting arms. I rest there. Sometimes I hear Him speak to me. Oftentimes He says a simple, “I love you more than you can even comprehend.” Sometimes, it’s just a be-still-and-know-that-He-is-God moment.

Does this mean that God is just a figment of my imagination? Yes, and no. God was visible in the flesh form as Jesus for a short time on the earth. Now, He is invisible to us most of the time. He is a Spirit. In some cases, He has appeared to people throughout the Bible and history. His body on this earth is the Church.

However, He primarily communicates with & through our spirit. He will use other people to speak to us, show love and help us. Even so, He wants to have a personal, one on one relationship with you. Everything filters through our soul. Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. My soul may “see” Father God different than you do. Personally, my eye of faith sees a gentle version of Jesus, not necessarily the one knocking over the sellers’ tables in the Temple (Mark 11:15-18). Regardless of our internal, visual interpretations of God, the most important thing to remember is He will NEVER be anything other than His Word, the Bible, tells us He is! Nothing more and nothing less. The more time you spend getting to know Jesus in the Bible and getting to know the letters that the Apostles left for us in the New Testament, the better we will be at understanding who He is.

I know my husband better than anyone. Why? Well, we’ve spent 33 years getting to know each other. 31 of those we’ve been married. If someone tries to tell me something about my husband that doesn’t line up with who I know him to be, then I don’t believe it. I need proof. God’s word is our proof of who He is. Get to know God’s word intimately and you will know when something is true or not. It’s important that we get as clear a picture of Him as possible. The enemy, Satan, has been working on us our whole lives trying to distort who God is.

Would you to take some quiet time today and allow God to reveal Himself to you in His word and in your quiet time before Him and ask Him for help?  He’s wanting us to ask.  The Lord said to me many years ago, “If you allow me to reveal it, then I can heal it.”  Let the master physician take you from surviving to thriving in this life.


Speaking of asking— if you’ve never asked Jesus to be Lord of your life, and would like to experience His saving grace today, simply pray this prayer.

Lord Jesus, I believe you died on the cross for my sins, you rose from the dead and defeated sin. Please be my Lord and my Savior and make me the person you’ve designed me to be. Amen.

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It’s been said, “Peace is not the absence of problems, it is the presence of God.”

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